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Carmenet Reserve

A bottle of merlot accompanied by two glasses of red wine on a candlelit table.
Two older people enjoying some Sparkling Chardonnay in the kitchen while preparing food.
Several people toasting their glasses full of red wine
Two females outside toasting while enjoying a glass of red wine.
A group of ladies sitting on a couch drinking wine and eating pizza.
A line of staggered Carmenet wine bottles featuring each varietal.


CARMENET (pronounced "Car-men-ay") is a collection of California wines from Carmenet Winery that embodies the art of blending and an ability to achieve top quality results.
Founded in 1983, Carmenet has been offering distinctive mouth-filling flavors that wine enthusiasts seek out again and again. With a nice selection of red and white wines, whether it is date night, movie night, or just time to hang out, there is something for every occasion.

A senior man and woman cutting tomatoes and enjoying white wine
A Group of friends cheersing with red wine across a table
Two women cheersing in the garden with red wine
Three Women enjoying wine paired with pizza
Lineup of Carmenet wine Bottles on wood table

Our Winemaker

A native born Californian, John graduated from California State University, Stanislaus with a degree in Chemistry. After graduating, John took extensive viticulture and enology courses at UC Davis.

John started making wine in 2005 and is currently the Winemaking Manager for Bronco Winery. John is an avid hiker, enjoys camping, fishing, an array of sports, gardening, and listening to music. One of John’s favorite pastimes is to get in his car and drive in any direction to discover what lies beyond that next bend.  Last, but not least, for this award winning winemaker, he loves wine judging and tasting. 

Crafting and blending wines from throughout California, John targets distinct flavors that everyone will enjoy. “I want to create wines that the novice and the seasoned wine consumer will enjoy. Wines should be complex as well as intense but have a certain softness that invites another taste.”

Carmenet winemaker John Allbaugh smiling with red wine

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